Justin Shockley

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Megan Ryan

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We met in Midtown, Memphis. Then four months later I (Megan) decided I would move to Japan, and we decided to "keep whatever this was going, and we'd just see". Now, three years later we decided we'd keep it going a little bit longer and get married.

We're having a private ceremony, and we'd love if you'd join us a couple days later for a celebration of love and partnership! Things have changed well all over the place as we've been planning. So, we've decided to keep it small and enjoy the ones who've truly impacted our lives or partnership in some way. There's going to be dining, sippin, and dancing and we'd really like you there!


Our wedding will be at the Beauty Shop in the Cooper Young district of Midtown Memphis.


What should I wear?

  • This is a Studio54 inspired reception. Pull out your favorite disco chic inspired look. Make it something fun and even a little kitchie!

Can I bring my children?

  • Yes, you may. We understand that sometimes child care isn't the easiest to come by. With that said, please understand this is a Saturday night and an adult forward event. We encourage you to make the best decision for you and we want you to have the most relaxing evening where you can kick back and let loose!

For out of town guests: We love that you're coming all this way to celebrate our marriage!

  • Here our some ideas on where to stay:
    • Arrive Memphis
    • The Central Station
    • Memphis Pettigrew Adventures
  • Places we love to eat in Memphis:
    • Pho Binh (vietnamese)
    • Slider Inn (divey bar with a great patio and sliders)
    • Payne's BBQ
    • Gus's Fried Chicken
    • Kwik Check
  • Places we love to get coffee:
    • City & State
    • Bell Tower

Registry & Gifts

We have more than enough items in our home. We would love to take a honeymoon to Italy, which is a country we'd really like to check off our bucket list. We both love to travel and would love to spend a week eating to our hearts content and spending time basking in the beauty of Italy. We also have a deep commitment of supporting non-profits that are committed to enacting real change in our community, so we will be taking 10% of gifts received and donating them to various non-profit organizations.